How to Use Vigorelle Gel

Vigorelle gel how to Use

Vigorelle gel is a natural formula designed to enhance sexual arousal and pleasure for women, alleviate vaginal dryness, and increase stamina. Using Vigorelle is simple and straightforward, as it does not require any special preparation or medication. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Vigorelle gel:

  1. Clean the genital area: Before applying the gel, make sure to wash your hands and clean the genital area thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Pat dry with a towel.
  2. Pump a small amount of gel: Take a small amount of Vigorelle gel on your fingers, preferably a pea-sized amount. You can always apply more if needed.
  3. Apply the gel: Gently rub the gel on your genital area, including the inner linings of the vagina and clitoris. Massage the gel in circular motions until it is fully absorbed.
  4. Wait for the effect: Vigorelle gel works instantly, so you should start feeling a tingling sensation on the clitoris and heightened sexual desire within a few minutes of application. The effect can last up to several hours.
  5. Use regularly: For best results, use Vigorelle gel on a daily basis. The natural ingredients in the gel work to improve blood flow, increase sensitivity, and enhance overall sexual pleasure over time.
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It is important to note that Vigorelle gel is pH-balanced, condom-compatible, non-greasy, and made of safe, organic ingredients.

Guadalupe Patrick
Guadalupe Patrick